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To contact us, you can simply send us an email to this address:


(The address isn't written in plain text because of spam bots, sorry to force you to type it, but it makes a difference, we're now receiving much less spam!)

If you find gallery-dump is providing links to contents for which you own the copyright, or that should not be made public for any reason, you are more than welcome to contact us (please give us an URL) and we will remove it ASAP.
However, we must insist on this: gallery-dump is NOT hosting any content, we are merely providing links, published by third-parties over which we have no control. We will be glad to help by removing a gallery, but that must not prevent you from contacting the actual hosts of the actual contents, please, do not forget to do it!

An embarrassing but necessary note: if we don't reply to you after a day, please do not hesitate and send your message again. Accidentally forgetting to answer, letting an email get marked as read, those kinds of things happen (*cough*too much*cough*).

Additionally, if you feel this is less a "private" affair than a subject open for *public* discussion, you can always get in touch with both the admin and the community, by opening a discussion in the forum (recommended subsections: either General Discussion, or Webmaster Corner.
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