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 Forum rules - All users must read! 
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Post Forum rules - All users must read!
General Rules
What is considered spam by the MODs?
Any post made in any of the subforums with any kind of blind links (leading somewhere different that what they show) or a multitude of links to different sites for no apparent reason or overly advertising some site or the other is considered a spam post and will be deleted.

Posts made in the wrong sections are also deleted (NOT moved) by the MODs

Should I behave when posting/replying on the forum?
Indeed you should!

Please be as civilized as possible. This community is here to provide help to the users and webmasters. Under no circumstance should one user provoke / attack / insult another.

On the other hand, sarcasm and humour are very much welcome. ;-)

Can I add my blog/site's link in my signature?
Yes... The GDF wants to help all webmasters promote their blogs/sites so add your url in your sig and do not spam it in the post itself.
!! Update 2011: You'll only be able to add a sig after making 10 posts on the forum.

Why would I get banned?
Everytime a user breaks the rules, he is issued a warning and after the third warning, he is banned and so is his IP and email addy.

Please note that the moderation team is very leniant and minor rule breaking will not provoque a warning (depending on the MOD) so please just read the rules once and follow them and all should be fine.

We also make a difference between deliberate cheating while not caring about the consequences, and unimportant rule breaking by accident, distraction or misunderstanding. In the first situation, you may not be covered by the three warnings rule.

Can I register under 2 or more different usernames on the forum?
NO. A user should only register under ONE username. If a user forgets his password or his username or for any reason wishes to re-register under a different username, he should contact the MODs immediately to delete the username he doesn't wish to keep.

Rules on the gallery and video subforums:
Rule #1 : Only 3 posts per sub forum per user per day

In order to give the galleries on the forum time to get some decent exposure and therefor more clicks, a limit of 3 Posts per day by user has been implemented.

Note: this is a per subforum limitation, meaning that you may post a max of 3 galleries on EACH subforum every day.

Please stick to this guideline as over the limit posts will be deleted without prior warning.

Forums dedicated to discussion and not media sharing are not subjected to this limitation.

Update: An automated script has been added that will not allow a user to break this rule.

What kind of pics/vids am I allowed to post on the forum?
All adult galleries and videos are welcome as long as they are posted in the appropriate subforums.

Amateur adult pics forum >> Strictly amateur galleries.

Professional adult pics forum >> Well, anything not amateur LOL.

Non nude pics forum >> We are not very strict here but full nudity pics should not be posted here.

Celebrities > > That's where the Fappening and fully clothed pictures of Emma Watson must go ;)

Hentai & Comics forum >> Manga, Comix, 3D, illustrations and such.

Professional Adult vids forum >> The catch-all video category, provided this doesn't belong to any of the categories below :

Amateur Adult Vids > > Webcam, homemade, girlfriend, those girls don't wear a ton of makeup and pretend to fuck the pizza delivery guy who miraculously happens to have a gigantic dick and lots of muscles. This category includes webcam performers if you feel they still look "fresh".

Japanese Adult Videos > > The JAV stuff. We're not too strict, if it's asian girls but not the unique JAV genre, you may post it in the other forums.

Extreme Adult Vids > > Bondage, fisting, BSDM, humiliation, femdom, are ONLY tolerated in this subforum, and will be deleted on sight in any other forum.

Gay, Trans, Shemale > > Because heterosexuals don't want to be traumatized, ONLY tolerated in this subforum

Note 1: Posts with Matures / Fat / Ugly / Granny / Hairy galleries/vids MUST be properly TITLED depending on the content or the post will be deleted without warning.

Note 2: Homosexual / Shemale and such content must follow the above note too.

What kind of pics/vids am I NOT allowed to post on the forum?
ANY pictures or videos with any hint of child nudity or underage girls (even Non Nude) will be deleted immediately and the poster will be banned without notice.

Beastiality (Zoophilia) is forbidden and will be deleted on sight, followed by a ban without warning.

Non-consensual violence pictures and videos will also be deleted on sight and you will be banned.
BSDM / bondage / humiliation is thus tolerated with restrictions : it must be consensual, not so extreme it's going against common law, and it must not be posted outside of the proper Extreme Porn forum.

Can I use redirection services on my links?
Yes... The Forum was created by and for gallery posters who want to get something in return for their work so redirecting pics and links through redirection services is permitted.

Also, feel free to host your pictures and videos on any paying host you wish WITH THE EXCEPTION OF SHARE APIC !!

Note: Please remember that the forum guests and visitors (The actual gallery viewers that is) are NOT to be mislead with false titles and abused with the use of full page redirects. Such posts will be deleted by th moderation team.

Is there a proper way to post on the forum?
Well actually there is... Thank you for asking.

>> Title and post should be in ENGLISH. Some exceptions can be made for example to write foreign language videos titles but everything else MUST BE IN ENGLISH>

>> Gallery posts: Add AT LEAST 5-6 thumbs as previews to the gallery and the full gallery link below OR post all the gallery thumbs in one go.

ALL thumbs must lead directly to the bigger images (no blind links !)

>> Video posts: At LEAST 1 preview of the video MUST be posted with the video download/view link. Please add as much info about the video as you can.

The download/view video link MAY either be a direct link to the host OR to a page on your blog/site with that specific video.

You may not split a video into pieces smaller than 2 MB.


Rules Updates/Changes
Update 1: URL CASH.NET is banned (19.04.08)
Due to the abuse of landing page redirects that url offers, the use of this redirection service is not welcome anymore on the forum.

Note that ALL the url cash domains have been banned (url, eight, porny, url and should not be used.

Be aware that sneaky posters trying to bend this rule by using other redirection services to redirect through url cash (double redirection) will be banned on the spot... You have been warned!

Update 2: SHARE CASH.ORG is banned (28.04.08)
Redirects through SHARE CASH.ORG are no longer accepted on the forum.

Update 3: Do not post passwords to paysites (24.01.10)
Any form of adult pay sites spoofing or sharing of username/password lists is not allowed on the forum.
Breaking this rule may cause an immediate ban.

Update 4: Do not post Warez or Pirated Videos (30.08.10)
The posting of Warez and Pirated videos on this site is prohibited. Any member found posting Warez/Pirated videos will be banned without warning.

Update 5 Do not post links converted with adfly. Adfly does not allow its links to be used on adult sites and will ban you if they find you have.

Update 6 New forums added, clarifications added regarding bondage/BSDM contents.

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Post Re: Forum rules - All users must read!
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