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- Anyone can register, but only the happy few will be certified (they can post more galleries that remain on top). More info is given at the bottom of the registration page.
You need an email-confirmed account to submit galleries. Only exception, accounts existing before 2015. Click here to register.
- Daily gallery limit is 3/day. For certified dumpers, it's 6/day.
- We have a (very) loose "acceptable image hosts" policy: popunder farms aren't allowed, galleries using them can be deleted without any prior warning.



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ADVICE: use HTML formatting to start your gallery with a text saying like ''don't forget to click here to view all my cool other galleries, friends !'', hyperlinked to your profile's URL. Make galleries with enough pictures, of good quality and resolution, add a link to your profile to see your other galleries, it works damn well :)

PRO TIP: got a website? Register yourself to a linktrade with gallery-dump ! Add a link to, and then post your links to your gallery-dump pages, and receive back as many new visitors as you sent ! Sending 20-30 visitors is enough to appear in the list.

GIVE UP ON SHITTY IMAGE HOSTS: On gallery-dump, we ban any image host caught throwing more than one popunder in the face of the visitors. If you can imagine other shitty tactics, consider them banned already. And we delete all the past galleries containing links to an image host that has been banned.
Dear uploaders, give up on crappy image hosts, or you'll lose your time for nothing.

* Please do not submit full sets from these sites and producers:,,,,,,,, Digitaldesire, DDgirls, DDgextreme, Gohoneygo, Holy Randall, Forevervamp,, KarupsPC, Karupsha, Karupsow, Allscan, Alsangels, Pinupfiles, Femjoy, Joymii, DDF Network. Please don't share images of these models or model sites:,,,,, and, Nadine -J, Tanya-Song, Miosotis, Nadine Jansen, Jessica Jaymes and Milena Velba. * If you accidently submit something broken, send an email to the admin.

See the list of the banned contents above? You can become an affiliate from their sites, and post their promotional images, with your affiliate link(s) for the people who'll want to pay for more :)

* We report cases of serial abuse to the image hosts, deliberate cheating can lead to your account being closed by the image hosts. Part of the reporting is automatically done, antispam detection engines do marvels nowadays.
* NO spamming of links to other sites. These 'link-galleries' will be removed.
* The thumbnails must lead directly to the image or a page with the image. No landing pages or thumbnails that point to other thumbnail galleries.
* NO links in the titles.
* Make titles that are relevant to the content. Use correct spelling/grammar.
* Use normal capitalization. No excessive CAPS.
* NO blind links.
* Select the correct category for your galleries.
* A gallery should have at least 20 pictures and no more than 250. Between 50 and 150 is perfect.
* Putting a link to your site in the beginning or the end of a gallery is allowed, as long as the gallery is big enough. Please consider placing a link back to this site if you do so.
* NO illegal content. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted content, bestiality, pedophilia or zoophilia. If you see anything illegal on this site, please report it on the gallery-dump forum.
* NO duplicate galleries. Do NOT post the same gallery twice. Do NOT post galleries that are not yours.
If you have any questions or doubts, please use the forum to contact Oliver about it, or send an email to the admin. Galleries that break these rules will be removed without notice.
* Please use ''decent'' image hosts, not hosts throwing four, five, or even a dozen popunders in the face of the visitors, and then throwing new popunders with new images. The worst image hosts that are known to behave like that are forbidden and will be, as soon as we're informed, banned.

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